Our company was established in 2009 in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. Croatia has always been oriented to the sea and to the sailing while our country has almost 6000 km coastline and more than 1000 islands. Croatia has a long tradition of the shipbuilding, sailing and marine inventions. Since Ivan Vukic, who invented first torpedo in 1860; Croatian sailors who were the first to help Titanic survivors, 76 Croats were as a crew on Carpathia among the others, until nowadays when our captains are in service on all major shipping companies all over the world. On the Adriatic coast, there are few large shipyards: Uljanik, 3.Maj, Brodotrogir, Kraljevica, Brodosplit, and many retrofits and repair yards, so there is almost no shipping company in the world which doesn't posses at least one Croatian built vessel. In glorious days of Croatian shipbuilding, we were the 3rd largest vessel builders in the world besides China and South Korea. All that was our reason of natural orientation to create the marine business and for supply of the ongoing vessels. Choosing to do business with us, you choose to be a part of tradition and understanding of the sea.

Croats live with a sea. One thousand islands, and our winds make us world famous destination for tourists, adventurers, sea enthusiasts, surfers and divers. Living with sea is the reason we understand the nature and environment. We have learned what the nature and seas mean to all of the man kind. Supplying parts, which are completely safe for our seas, is a must in our business. In any time, we follow all procedures of using materials and products which are environment-friendly and ecology-safe. For this, as well as for why are in this business, we do understand ecology standards and we take this seriously. Choosing to do business with us, you choose also environment protection.

Our location in Zagreb is ideal for supplying main European ports, while we are only 200 km far away from the main Croatian shipyards and retrofits, and from main Adriatic Ports Luka Rijeka and Luka Koper. Situated near the Zagreb Airport with direct daily flights to Hamburg, Athens, Amsterdam, Istanbul, London, we can make urgent dispatch to your vessels anywhere in the world. Our excellent connections with couriers guarantees prompt and urgent deliveries door to door. Choosing to do business with us, you choose also great delivery service and prompt supply, while we understand that to sail is a must.