Core of supply scope are marine pumps, we can offer you large scope of new genuine or OEM spare parts for various pump types. Either they are screw, gear, piston, rotary or centrifugal type, we can offer you spares for different pump versions for many various makers. We deal with end suction, vertical in-line, multistage, split case pumps.

Pumps serve to convey various media such as seawater, oil or fuel and for each application are built from various materials: Bronze, Cast Iron or Steel.

On the ships pumps are used as general service pumps, auxiliary units, to cool diesel engines, to convey ballast water or to pump out bilge water, also for fresh or sea water, oil, sewage water, or ballast and cargo handling pumps and even for fire protection installations.

We place particular value on the excellent quality of the pump spare parts and we stock pump spare parts for all types of equipment, able to supply your vessels in urgent cases without any delay.

Each pump we supply is hydraulically tested for its application, can be bare-shaft or aggregated with electrical motor, and each pump follow its documentation and certificates if necessary from surveyors societies like: DNV, Lloyd, BV, RMRS, RINA etc.

We know pumps

We have created Pump On-Line selection form at It is enough to click on the web site, pick-up the options and fill the parameters and we will receive instantly your inquiry. As our engineers make a technical decision about required pump we will send you our quote promptly. We can offer for any type of the pump used on board and we are able to provide you a quality replacement solution. The selection form at is created for easy of use and full commodity of our clients.


Multi-stage Pump - HV Type

Marine pumps and spare parts are core products in our supply range.

We can deliver complete new pumps agreggated with electric motor, or all capital spare parts for most common marine pump makers.

Impellers, Casings, Covers, Pump Shafts, Mechanical Seals, Bearings, Rings etc.

Machined parts can be made from various materials like: bronze, stainelss steel or cast iron.

End Suction Pump - EH Type

Split Case Pump - SC Type

Brands we can supply are:


Most common pump types for which we stock spares:

CGA 50, CGA 65, CGB 80, CGB 100, CGC 125,

CGC 150, CGD 200, CGD 250, CGE 300, CGE 350

In-Line Pump - CG Type